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                   How shall we say... William Carlos William

How shall we say
   my friendloverwhisper man,
the time sensuous begins
as the sand falls away
   from our day and
the dolphins bear it away
to a universe that fades in, fades out,
but cannot quiet our need this measure.

I taste the laughter fluttering
   in your belly
just the way your tongue brings me my own 
insistent candor paused in mid-being
between the promise of the music and
the birth of the numbing star -
   across the dark sea's fierce chant
met in the holy passion of a small, small sigh.

This mind that today drove us to work,
   shared ken with the rational rest,
lies dazed in your throat's hollow
like a deer broken by auto lights
held speard between the heartbeats,
finding neither will nor force to fly,
   meeting spirit to spirit
in this new created we.

How shall we say
   my warmtimbrerumblevoice man,
what nature waked us in this
ragged desert with cool water,
with feasts of strawberries, tomatoes,
red, plum fruits with sweet cream,
till we move freely from
   dream to real to dream
God gracing us with forgetfulness
about which is which or why.

Our composed selves, nodding
across the rooms of our passingsby
have stirred the dance that
draws one note from your palm,
its answer from my toes,
the bright nakedness of our shadows
creates an Orion symphony of light
only our fingers can see,
   unfolding magicmechanicsordained
in the placing of major wordless notes.

   That is how we shall say.


Lonely woods, small woods
clean running stream
sunlight fairies
dappled light surrounding
timid groping through
never traveled space
intent on this moment
not the end,
holding your hand
brushing silliness across your face,
wind-washed hilltop framing
the last days of the comet...
morning shower spray stinging
awakefulness into my spirit
music, without words
bread pudding breakfast
strawberry supper,
odd flower garden renegade
with only crossword rhyme.
Prayer, wood floor imprinting
my willing knees
chaos, center, tears,
pain, laughter always laughter...
last week's book, that movie,
is it you?
Is it only me?
Come, I've coffee
and crumpets and space
and we.